September 2018

Frisco The Best Place To Buy a House!
WalletHub ranks Frisco as the Best Place To Buy a House! Other Texas cities included in the top Ten list include McKinney, Allen, Richardson and Denton. WalletHub compared 300 cities of varying sizes across 22 key indicators of housing-market attractiveness and economic strength to rank these cities.

Overall rank (1=Best) City

1 Frisco, TX
2 McKinney, TX
3 Allen, TX

4 Santa Clara, CA
5 Durham, NC
6 Murfreesboro, TN
7 Richardson, TX
8 Seattle, WA
9 Bellevue, WA
10 Denton, TX

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January 2018

Texas Keeps Growing!

According to a U S Census Bureau report released this month (1/18), Texas' population grew by the largest number of any state in the country, as it has for every year this decade". In fact, Texas' population grew by more than 1,000 people a day during 2017 and Census demographers predict that Texas "will remain atop the growth rankings for the next 15 years, or so".

With much of this population growth centered in DFW and North Texas area, it's not surprising that the real estate market is growing as well.North Texas offers affordable new home construction and now that the holidays are over a growing number of existing home sales are coming on the market.

November, 2017 

Winning The Game For A New Home Be Prepared 
Buyers and their agents must be organized and committed. It takes effort on both parties. As a REALTOR I can set up automatic messages to alert my clients the moment properties meeting their criteria appear on MLS. If clients are serious about finding that one special “jewel”; especially in the $200-$350,000 price range, they must be ready to view properties day one on the market. Many homes are sold the first day or weekend on the market. It’s great to be the first offer in but that may not be all it takes.

Show Financial Strength -
The 'Pre-approval', a written statement from a lender stating that a borrower qualifies for a certain loan amount is a must to submit with any offer; but, it may not be sufficient in a highly competitive market. Instead, 'Pre-underwriting', available at no cost from our  affiliate HomeTeam Mortgage, allows a buyer to pre-complete the loan process, subject only to the property, and lets the buyer submit an offer that is effectively the equivalent of a cash purchase. Submitting an offer with a loan already underwritten can often provide a buyer the final 'edge' in negotiations.

Be ready to Put Your Best Foot Forward -
Buyers in highly competitive seller's markets should be prepared to offer their “highest and best” offer up front. We are seeing more and more seller’s opting to take the best offer they receive the first day or first weekend without issuing a call for highest and best by a certain date. A client has to be prepared to offer “highest and best” in order to have a chance at being the chosen buyer. This spring and summer, we’ve seen some homes in the $300,000 range selling for as much as $30-$35,000 over list. The question is no longer, what are the comps for this house, but rather, what is this house worth to you Ms./Mr./Mrs. Buyer. After shopping the market with me, my clients have enough expertise and guidance to clearly know what the offer should be. ​ Come be my client and let's win this game together.

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